Monsters and Me - Intriguing New Non-Linear Visual Novel

Over the past decade, the field of visual gamified novels has been a growing part of the video game landscape. The reason for this is the fact that so many of these brought about a high level of quality, polish, and engagement to so many players. Black Door is a developer of these gamified visual novels and their latest experience brings about these very same elements. That non-linear visual novel is called Monsters and Me and it offers a path into a world that is on the surface ordinary but is actually anything but that below it. Check out the trailer to get a sense of the same work of art:

Monsters and Me offers some detailed and exciting visuals, but it provides an even more gripping story. In it, players take on the role of Arthur, a teen who is close to graduating high school in a small US town surrounded by pristine wilderness and mountains. But, Arthur suddenly attains the ability to see his friends for what they really are - monsters! It is up to the players to decide how Arthur deals with that strange and shocking discovery.

Monsters and Me provides both style and substance, with a story that is over 43,000 words long. If that is something you find appealing, check out Black Door on Twitter and Instagram. But, don't forget that you can try out Monsters and Me on right now and find out where you will take Arthur!