H-Isekai Loves - Exciting Anime Casual Game coming to Steam!

Imagine a scenario where you're accidentally taken into a whole new world. Here, you find mystery and dangers at all corners, but you also find incredible excitement and a collection of stunning manga-style characters. This is all that you'll be able to find in the upcoming anime casual game called H-Isekai Loves. This title is coming out on February 11, 2022, and it will be a true gem for all who love the recognizable anime aesthetics and exciting casual gameplay.

The developer of the game is G-Blood, which already has several feature games in this recognizable style. In the game, players are tasked with unlocking a range of characters through a fun and complex match-3 game. All of these female characters are done exceedingly well, using the recognizable anime/manga approach, but also numerous animations and a very lifelike final result.

As the players traverse the game of this exciting world, they will also come across games of chance, where they spin the wheel of fortune and do many additional fun activities. H-Isekai Loves even comes with dynamic cinematic scenes where the main character and his sword take on terrifying enemies. All of this builds into a very diverse and dynamic game that all fans of anime and casual gaming will enjoy immensely. Wishlist H-Isekai Loves on Steam and be among the first to play it once it gets out on February 11, 2022, at exactly 6:00 pm PST!