Awesome YouTube Gaming Video - Playing Apex Legends with my date (It got really SpicyšŸ„µ) by RaShoota


Going on a date can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, but rarely includes getting into an Apex Legends match. However, in the case of the RaShoota YouTube channel, that is exactly what it means and the result is one awesome gaming video. To see what this unusual but very gamer date included, check out the entire clip of the same event right here:

As you can see, the date in question was very much an explosive event in Apex Legends. From the first moment of the match, things start to pop. Quickly the duo begins to stack up bodies and other teams fall like bowling pins. The video showcases just how good both participants are, while at the same time it also covers their conversation in annotations, making the whole thing easy to follow. The video also showcases some killer tracks, all of which complement the action in the video perfectly.

This video is a really cool first date and also a great start to the RaShoota YouTube channel. Its author is clearly a very skilled gamer and as this TikTok account shows, someone who is not a stranger to content creation. So, subscribe to RaShoota and check out future videos (and new dates) as soon as they come out!