Awesome YouTube - Best New Stealth and Tactical Upcoming Game! | SPIRITED THIEF | Let's Play Gameplay | 1 by Roll&TurnGaming


One of the most appealing things that any gaming content creator can have is a very tangible and obvious appreciation for particular video games. In the case of Bruns, a gamer and YouTuber, and his channel  Roll&TurnGaming, that appreciation of gaming is clear for all to see. He's mainly into indie games, especially those from the domain of turn-based and RPG genres. Here he loves to explore roguelike titles, RPG tactical releases, and party-based games, among others, all the while going for independent releases. To see him in action, check out one of his recent videos where he tries out Spirited Thief right here:

As you can immediately see, Bruns is very laid back and relaxed in his approach to content creation. He showcases Spirited Thief in great detail, while also commenting on similar titles and how the game feels on his first try. In an age where too many content creators try to be very loud and very flashy, having a natural approach like his is extremely refreshing.

At the same time, creators like Bruns are incredibly valuable to the indie developer scene, as they showcase great games that usually do not have a lot of money to invest in marketing. Thanks to Bruns, they can get a bit of exposition and allow others to find true RPG and tactical gems.

If you're into these genres and love the indie scene, prepare to fall in love with Roll&TurnGaming. Follow Bruns on Twitter to stay up to date with his content and subscribe to Roll&TurnGaming YouTube channel right now!