Nimble Blade - Promising Indie Sword Fighting Game Looking for Prototype Testing!

Video games that are all about sword-fighting are few and far between, but when they nail the right recipe, they almost instantly become classics. Nimble Blade is an indie title that is looking to do precisely this. At its core, it represents an action hack & slash multiplayer online title which takes its inspiration from actual medieval art of fencing. Check out an early version of the game in action right here:

For this phase of development, the game already offers an impressive array of possibilities. It comes with numerous modes, including 2-v-2 and 3-v-3, but also individual missions. These might include protection and escort of VIPs, assassinations, and so much more. The game even comes with its own form of sword fighting battle royale mode! Nimble Blade offers a big selection of heroes and a range of bladed weapons. Each of these comes with its own specific elements and characteristics. Weapons on the other hand require different handlings and many additional factors, like range and damage.

Ultimately, this is where the game already stands out from its competitors. It provides a very rich and complex system of sword fighting, which aims to offer that sense of realistic combat. Through that, it provides a mixture of fun and authenticity that will only get better with player feedback. If you'd like to help in that testing and feedback process, you can do that now! Download the game from or get in on Google Play Store and begin your own sword-fighting adventure!