Gods and Legends - Exciting New NFT-based Play-2-Earn Tower Defense Game


The domain of non-fungible tokens or NFTs offers some incredible opportunities for game development. Today, it is still very rare to see a video game project utilizing the blockchain and NFT technologies to their fullest potential. However, that is precisely what Gods and Legends, an upcoming tower defense and hero survival game for PC and mobile devices offers! Check out the full gameplay trailer for this exciting game right here:

As you can see, Gods and Legends come with very developed tower defense mechanics, along with the direct control of the hero character. This includes very appealing casual graphics that are full of color and all of which are detailedly animated. But, the game offers so much more both in terms of content and the NFT elements. Firstly, the game takes its inspiration from numerous stories from mythology that come from all over the world. The same stories were then used to create a selection of in-game characters, available to players in the actual game, but also as NFT collectibles.
From a technical perspective, the game is currently developed on Wax blockchain and already has its cards on the markets. These Gods and Legends NFT cards can be sold, bought, traded, and blended, but also staked in the game as well. All of this offers a clear play-to-earn concept that can allow players to enjoy the game, but also generate real-money funds from it.

Finally, there is an even bigger ecosystem around Gods and Legends. It will include NFT comics, NFT casino, and an entire Anime Show that will be fan-led. These elements show just how unique and diverse the game and the blockchain space around it are going to be. If you'd like to find out more about Gods and Legends, check out the project's whitepaper and visit its main website. Also, stay up-to-date with the development using its Telegram chat and Twitter. All of these can help you to get into Gods and Legends as soon as it's ready!