Elon Tusk 2069 - Cool Mobile Game that could Land you $1000 in Tesla Stock!

All mobile gamers know that there is a huge selection of games on the market. However, some of them really have that special something that allows them to stand out immediately. Elon Tusk 2069 is precisely one such title and it offers a setup that will be irresistible to many Android device owners. At its core, this game is a 2D platformer, but one that comes with a series of huge and super-cool twists.

First, its story is set in 2069 when a huge space race is underway to reach Uranus. On one side is Jeff Besus with his somewhat strangely shaped rocket. On the other is Elon Tusk, who is readying him to the same distant destination. The clash of these two figures is what the game is all about. Check out the trailer to see Elon Tusk 2069 gameplay right here:

The game comes with some really cool casual graphics and does justice to its subject matter (if you can guess who the real-world counterparts to Elon and Jeff are). It looks exceedingly colorful and fun and even has Elon Tusk's alien son X A 420. On the other hand, the game offers a range of challenges. These include enemies and obstacles, but also the endless possibility to pick up dog coins. And here is precisely where the other big twist of this game lies.

Elon Tusk 2069 is offering weekly prizes for those who collect the most dog coins. However, these are not in-game prizes, but valuable gifts in the form of real-world stock. That includes a whopping $1000 in Tesla (TSLA) stock. That is an incredible opportunity for anyone who loves an epic mobile gaming challenge.      

All of this shows that Elon Tusk 2069 is by no means an ordinary game. Instead, it offers an epic experience that could land some skillful and lucky gamers some very awesome prizes. If you’d like to take your chances with it, get Elon Tusk 2069 for free on Google Play and May the Power of Elon compel you!