Scrap Metal Smash - Fun Mobile Scrapyard Simulator coming in Early 2022!

Scrapyards have always been an interesting place. Here, a huge number of everyday items end up, either tossed or collected, all with the purpose of becoming something. At these locations, the process of removing valuable materials from the same trash takes place, producing scrap metal that can bring top dollar to those who can take on this demanding job. This is precisely the topic of Scrap Metal Smash, a new game for Android devices that captures the scrapyard feel perfectly!

The same title has a simple concept - the player takes on the role of a scrapyard owner. He has to dismantle a huge range of household items, all while looking for that essential metal. The same includes copper, aluminum, brass, and much more, all of which can be sold and that money can be reinvested into the scrapyard. With this investment, players can unlock further parts of the yard, get more scrap, and continue to level up, until they become the ultimate king of all scrapyard smashers.

The game has a strong retro feel and this includes really nice and detailed pixel art graphics. Furthermore, the development team has been inspired by real-life scrap yards and how these function. That level of realism is a great addition to the game and how it tackles its unusual but very fun subject matter.

Lastly, Scrap Metal Smash recognizes the sheer unbridled thrill of taking everyday objects and breaking them down. This is also a huge part of the game and will definitely allow players to take out some frustration on a range of things that might irritate them otherwise. That visceral sense of fun is crucial for any mobile game and this title clearly has it.

Scrap Metal Smash is currently available for pre-registration on Google Play. Its official release date is January 30, 2022, so a bit more than a month is separating us from a lot of scrapyard fun. Until then, check out the game's official website, and don't forget to preregister for it on the Scrap Metal Smash Google Play page right now!