Grand Journey - Engaging Blend of Casual Mobile Racing and Narrative Game

Creating hybrid games for mobile devices is not an easy task. That is why so many development companies simply aim low and try to rehash some successful concept for the millionth time. However, The Boring Two Cents Games is not that kind of a developer and their Grand Journey is not that kind of a game. Instead, it offers a really cool blend of casual mobile racing in an endless environment and a narrative experience that the players gradually unlock.

The game showcases a strange world where a member of the Union suddenly decides to leave this organization behind. However, the Union is not ready to let that slide and thus a chase begins. During it, the player will have to reach Northside but also learn what actually happened to set all of this in motion.

On the gameplay level, Grand Journey offers a very fun and dynamic process of swiping to four sides to either avoid obstacles or to move up/down in the level. With a top-side camera and loads of obstacles and hazards to avoid, playing this game is a thrilling process that leaves you wanting more. Check out my Let's Play of the same title right here:

Throughout the game, there is a great sense of an indie title whose developers knew what they were doing. That is why the result is an unusual mixture but still one that very much works on all relevant levels. That makes Grand Journey a huge success and congrats to all who made it are in order. If you'd like to try it, do it right now on Google Play where you can find the game and enjoy everything that it offers completely free!