Zevolution is Live on Kickstarter - Help Make this Exciting Indie Horror Survival Possible!

Many gamers know all too well that a solid horror survival game can keep anyone playing for weeks, if not months. This is precisely the setup that Zevolution is offering to all fans of the genre. This game from the Wild Wyvern Studios just began its official Kickstarter campaign and it is looking for funds to become a reality. However, even now, the game's development is already in a very impressive phase. To get a feel for that, check out the Zevolution trailer and check out what is in store from this extensive indie game:

As you can see, there's so much happening in the game and all of it offers loads of opportunities to have fun, horror survival-style. At its core, Zevolution is a multiplayer survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Once in that world, the players will need to fend for themselves and learn to navigate huge biomes, but also take on crafting and building. Like many of the best survival titles, Zevolution also places an emphasis on construction, which is why the players can begin with nothing but a makeshift shelter and end up with a huge castle-like structure with accompanying defenses.

On a direct level, players will have access to a character progression system, an insane number of weapons and tools, as well as the ability to form clans and find allies. All of that will be either in the first person or third person view, however the players chose. Lastly, the game even comes with a storyline, which sets it in the distant 2065, following a spread of a pandemic disease that comes with unexpected side effects. With it, players will be able to take on zombies and even more sinister and deadly creatures, giving the game that appealing layer of a true horror release.

There is true passion and love for the horror survival genre behind this game, which is more than apparent. With enough backers on Kickstarter, it can really become an amazing release many would enjoy. Check out Zevolution on Kickstarter and help make it happen today!