Remove This: Guns & Aliens - Exciting Blockchain-based Sci-Fi Shooter

The main thing about Remove This: Guns & Aliens mobile game is the fact that it comes with a multitude of cool facts about it. Fact one: it is a dynamic, third-person wave shooter with a top-down perspective. That genre is now a classic for all those gamers who love face-paced action. Fact two: the game is set in a dynamic science-fiction universe where players have to take on numerous aliens on a Lunar base. Fact three: it is a game based on the Kudoken cryptocurrency, which will allow its creators, Team Zombie Gaming, to reward its players.

That aspect includes players having the ability to mine Kudoken (KDU ) live and in-game by surviving waves of alien attacks. Remove This: Guns & Aliens, which will be available on Google Play and the App Store, will provide a 5 million KDU pool to its players who begin the BETA access. That amount is reserved for beta players, meaning that there will be more KDU tokens to come!

The game also comes with a range of exciting features. In it, players will be able to collect Lunar rocks, but also do a bunch of other things that will bring them in-game rewards, but also external ones as well. Those will come from, once again, attaining Kudoken, a digital currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers its users the ability to attain and redeem rewards, all through the direct support of the Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange. That is an amazing prospect for all passionate gamers and those who love to see their in-game skills turn into something tangible even outside of the same title.

Once the players get their KDU tokens, they will be able to exchange them for merchandise and gaming prizes. Currently, that includes Halo Edition Xbox series X, (5) Oculus VR headset bundles, Animal Crossing edition Nintendo Switch, Pre-order [fully paid, will ship Q2 2022 at release] Steam Deck, World of Warcraft edition Yeti X streaming bundle with elgado stream deck, PS5 [digital edition], Xbox series S, and more. All of these are registered on the same blockchain and shipped worldwide.

As you can see, Remove This: Guns & Aliens is a very unique mobile game that even comes with some massive cryptocurrency benefits. If you would like to join it, watch out for a private crowdfunding campaign on Kudoken that will start next Monday, November 29, 2021!