RebbitVPN - Your Freedom VPN - Ultimat Mobile Virtual Private Network Solution

Online security is becoming a growing issue. That is why it is also as relevant to mobile devices as it is to traditional desktop and laptop computers. With that in mind, having access to an app that offers security and privacy is not just essential, but a true lifesaver from things like identity theft, phone hacking attacks, IP tracking, and many similar things. With RebbitVPN application, the exact same thing is available to anyone for free, right on their own mobile device.

This app was made by and its core goal is to provide online privacy and security accessible to everyone. RebbitVPN is the product of this mindset and it's a very powerful setup that utilizes Secure Core architecture. Because of that, this VPN can offer protection against network-based attacks but also so much more. With it, in turn, users will be able to safely browse the net, not allowing anyone to find their true IP address or match their browser activity.

The app also provides fully encrypted VIP server communication but does not cut any corners in terms of speed and efficiency. Instead, the VPN protocols it uses offer optimum speed and keep hold of great performance metrics. Besides, it comes with a range of impressive features. It has zero data logging policies that are based on Swedish laws of no kept logs or other data that the government can seize. It offers unlimited bandwidth and speed, even though it is a free app. Finally, it comes with 2048-bit encryption that includes the very versatile and potent cryptographic AES-256 setup.

All of this is packaged in a very attractive and easy-to-use UI and overall design. That makes the process of learning RebbitVPN something you can do in minutes. Lastly, there is even a referral program that the app offers, making it potentially beyond useful for people who are interested in referring others. Find even more information on this interesting concept on the website. But, don't forget to check out RebbitVPN - Your Freedom VPN app on Google Play and download it as soon as you get a chance!