Electri-City - Fun and Exciting Mobile Arcade

The concept behind the mobile game called Electri-City is extremely simple but also just as fun! In this game made by Silver Storms, players travel through a neon-light city, surrounded by skyscrapers and other physics-defying structures. In that environment, they have only one task - shoot down as many orbs as possible, along with hitting special bonus ones. Check out how that looks in action right here:

While the entire challenge of Electri-City is something anyone can learn in a matter of minutes, conquering the game is a lot harder than that. This is precisely why the game offers such an appealing level of addictiveness to anyone who tries it. Also, the level of quality of the visual assets, animations, and everything else in the game also make it into a very vibrant and enjoyable experience.

Best of all, Electri-City is completely free for both iOS and Android devices. That is why you can download it right now from the App Store and Google Play and enjoy the fun and challenge of Electri-City immediately!