Awesome Twitch Stream - glitchgangmalcy

Often, gamers and content creators are completely focused on video games. But, some of the most entertaining and interesting content creators are usually people who do other things as well in their lives. The glitchgangmalcy Twitch stream is run by a person just like that. This gamer is a 24-year-old from BC, Canada who works full time in the drilling and blasting industry. If that wasn't cool enough, he is also a dedicated bodybuilder! Finally, to top it all off, he loves gaming and in his free time live streams Call of Duty titles, playing mainly the super-hit Warzone. Check glitchgangmalcy in action on his recent Instagram stream right here: 

As you can see, he's all about energy and explosiveness, which is no accident having in mind his work and bodybuilding passion. The same action in CoD includes a lot of sniping and many additional fun moments that will be a joy to watch for all fans of high-octane FPS gaming.

If you're one of them, check him out on Instagram right now. Before you do that, however, take a look at glitchgangmalcy Twitch stream and start following this interesting and versatile content creator there as well!