Awesome Gaming Video: Halo Infinite Team Battle Top plays best moments by Sulli G

If you check out Sulli G YouTube channel or Twitch stream, you'll immediately see a gamer who is really and truly immersed in the titles he plays. In fact, he is so immersed that you can't do anything else but sit and watch as he takes on enemies and comments on the things that are happening to him! To see what I mean, just take a look at his latest video in the Halo Infinite:

As you see, Sulli G's playstyle is almost hypnotically addictive, as he yells things like "Killing spree baby", "Double kill" and laughs maniacally (all with an awesome accent). Of course, he's very much not PG-13 and the matches come with a lot of mature language, but it is more than worth it. All of this makes for very entertaining, super-charged gaming content.

If this is something you'd want to explore, check out Sulli G on YouTube and Twitch. There, you'll be able to enjoy some Halo Infinite gaming insanity on a brand new level!