The Grugs Halloween Challenge - Must-Try Spooky Holiday Mobile Gaming Treat!


The creepiest, scariest holiday is nearly upon us and everyone knows that this is the perfect time for Halloween-themed games. The Grugs is a title just like and it will provide you with some of the best mobile casual gaming you can find either on the App Store or on Google Play. The title was created by Funtaptic Studio, a game development studio that aims for the best mix of fun and creative content. The Grugs Halloween Challenge is not only their first mobile game but also one that perfectly represents that desire. Check out its trailer right here:

The game follows the Grugs, which are a Stone Age family consisting of Hector, Brunhilda, Brat, and Lola. However, this time around, they are ready for a big spooky adventure in the Halloween style! This lighthearted story is perfectly blended with excellent causal graphics and perfect animations that provide the right casual horror theme but still make the game more than accessible for gamers of all ages.

At its core, this game is an auto-runner platformer that is combined with elements of Metroidvania. That means it offers a range of distinct paths that the players can use to complete their goals. On top of that is a number of moves players can take on, including jumps and slams, all while fighting spooky and very diverse enemies. Those even include boss figures that will present a nice challenge and a dynamic change of pace.

For players who like the cosmetic side of things, there is a tone of customisation in the game as well. Players can decorate their cave using things they find on their adventures, but also customize all player characters, which is the entire Grugs family. It goes without saying that these as well have a huge Halloween theme. It is crystal clear that The Grugs Halloween Challenge is a great addition not only to Halloween-themed games but to the genre of innovative casual platformers as well. Follow the development company on their official website, YouTube channel, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about the game and its future releases. However, first of all, download The Grugs Halloween Challenge for your iOS device or Android device and have some awesome platformer fun completely for free!