ShortcutBridge Race Funny Running Game - A New Excellent Casual Title from Prozone

Creating fun and innovative casual running games for mobile is not an easy task. However, this is precisely what ShortcutBridge managed to do and build a very exciting Android game using a mix of new and old gameplay elements.

The premise of the game is simple - it is a racing title that involves several characters who run on foot across narrow and winding paths. On either side of the same path is water and falling into it will immediately end the race for the player. However, on the level are also present stacks of planks, bricks, and logs, which the players can use to build bridges. That way, they can create shortcuts and intersections across the levels that they can use. This makes for a very fun and interesting experience that is frantic and also weirdly puzzle-like.

All this is presented through an intuitive UI and a very easy learning curve. However, mastering ShortcutBridge will demand time and effort, which is why the same Android release is so addictive. The great news is also that the game is fully functional in offline mode and requires no data/WiFi connection to work.

Of course, the fact that this game is so interesting and addictive is no surprise. The same developer so far published nine releases on Google Play, as you can see on their Prozone page. These vary in genres and visual presentations, but all have in common an exceedingly appealing casual vibe and the ability to keep you occupied for hours.

If you love casual games that are novel in their design and excellent in all of their technical detail, ShortcutBridge Race Funny Running Game will be something you adore. Download the game right now for free from its Google Play page and have loads of fun racing and building bridges!