Awesome Twitch Stream: KibaElunal


Gaming is usually all about having, but for some, it is an activity that is much more than that. Instead of only providing entertainment, it is a means to find purpose and help not only oneself but others as well. That is one of the main reasons behind the KibaElunal Twitch stream. The same stream is run by Kiba, a gamer and content creator who is also on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. With a unique perspective on gaming and life in general, the same streamer is now making content and sharing it with the world. He is also building a community and offering another way for people in a similar position to experience the joy of gaming. To check out Kiba in action, watch one of the latest D&D streams right here:

As you can see, Kiba has a great group of friends, which is a crucial element for any kind of Dungeons and Dragons gaming. This particular video follows a gaming session where the player party was tasked with escorting a group of miners. However, once they reach the mine they are separated and things quickly go astray in the manner of other great D&D adventures.

Kiba and friends showcase weekly campaign sessions on the same Twitch stream and they are beyond entertaining, as you can see in the embedded stream. That clearly goes for any fans of role-play gaming, but also anyone else who is into the same creative, group-based, co-op style of play. The streams of the Cognition Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign sessions take place on Wednesdays at 6:30 CST.

However, what is as important is the fact that Kiba is actively trying to support other gamers who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. That way, they can also gather confidence to one day begin their own streams and gaming channels and share their passion with the world. The same process is more than worthwhile, as it represents an individual process of reaching out to people who might otherwise often feel isolated and vulnerable in the gaming space. If you're into D&D and you'd like to support this really cool gamer and streamer, learn more on his Twitter account and follow the KibaElunal Twitch stream as soon as you can!