Awesome Gaming Video: Sneaking Into An Asylum with my Bros! | Devour by FadedVR


When most people think about funny and entertaining gaming videos, they rarely think of things like "horror" and "virtual reality". However, once you check out the FadedVR YouTube channel and the gamer and content creator behind it, you will see that these ideas can blend together perfectly. Here, you will learn that gaming fun and VR horror games can be combined in a way that is not only entertaining but also hilarious. To check out how does that look in actual video content, watch this 15-minute long exploration of the new VR horror game called DEVOUR:

As you can see, the game looks very somber and creepy, which is why it works so well with FadedVR and his friends playing and making fun of everything in it. That includes cracking jokes, teasing one another, imitating voices, and doing so much more that is both way off from any horror atmosphere, but also ideally suited for parodying it as well. At the same time, the video is well-produced and edited, including text boxes for some of the best moments in the dialogues between them.

However, the thing that really works in the video is the fact that FadedVR and his friends are having a blast playing. That is always the point of any collective gaming and these guys clearly have what it takes to make the same process more than enjoyable for the rest of us.

Besides DEVOUR, FadedVR also plays Labyrinthine and Phasmophobia, while even games like Overcooked got some of his attention. I'm sure that this approach would work for many other games as well, so hopefully, they too come to the same channel.

If you're a fan of horror, VR, and great gaming moments, check out the same content creator on Twitter and his Discord server. But, before you do that, take off your VR headset and subscribe to the FadedVR YouTube channel right now!