Data Defender - Indie Game that takes Excel Shortcuts to the (Literal) Next Level!


Creating a truly original indie title is never an easy task. However, with the right mindset and the ability to perceive ordinary things in an unusual way, the same is more than possible - that approach is exactly what is behind Data Defender. This upcoming release is a browser-based title for Edge and Chrome that takes Excel shortcuts and uses them as the basis of a very fun puzzle arcade.

In the game, a city and its good-natured inhabitants are suddenly attacked by the swords of Evil bots. Somehow, they managed to fight them back, but Evil bots (like evil bots usually do) do not forgive nor forget. Instead, they built up their forces, only to start a new and unexpected invasion of the city. Check out the game's entire backstory in this really cool animated trailer:

All that stands between them and total destruction is Sam the Can, who's determined to stop the invading forces. To do that, Sam and the players controlling him will use nothing short of real-life Excel shortcuts. These commands include simple things like Entry features, but also more complex things used for Special Attacks. With it, players can learn shortcuts for things like how to select all cells in the current data range and so much more. With a week of Data Defender, anyone can become a master of Microsoft Excel shortcuts!

At the same time, the game is by no means a gimmick that tricks people to learn these things. Instead, it works as a minimalist strategy that is blended with puzzle and arcade games. It will also feature a Leaderboard and cutscenes for those who get to defend their city in four-minute runs. Indie hits like Into the Breach or Bad North first come to mind with this unique combination of gameplay mechanics. Because of that, Data Defender offers more than an engaging environment for fans of similar genres and titles.

The game is currently very near its official release, as its website shows. It will become fully playable on 09/21/2021, but those who sign up for its Newsletter will get into an Early Access version on 09/16/2021. So, no matter if you really like Excel or great indie gaming, you should check out Data Defender as soon as you can!