Awesome Gaming Video: WARZONE ULTRA INSTINCT! Is it enough for these sweat lobbies? - Call of Duty Warzone Random Moments by Just Chance

Blending comedy and FPS action gaming is not a new thing, but it is definitely not something that many people do well. Usually, the reason for that is the demanding nature of running around and shooting people inside of a game, while you also think of ways to make that funny and engaging. The same process also has to take place not just in the game, but also later on in the editing as well. There, most creators try to cut and stitch content together so that it provides a fun and funny ride for the viewers.

In the case of Just Chance YouTube channel, that is precisely what the same content creator offers and does so exceedingly well. In fact, it is great at it, despite the channel being less than a year old. To see why I mean that, just check out one of his videos, which showcase some truly insane moments from Call of Duty. Warzone matches:

Right off the bat, the video gives us a super-weird situation where one helicopter lands on top of another, making the setup immediately very bonkers. The video goes on from here, showcasing both exciting and hilarious moments from a range of matches. All the while, the comment of the gamer and his friends are spot on, while the choice of music and focus editing (zooming on some minute detail) also work fantastically with the entire approach.

Presently, the channel is focusing on Warzone, but has other content as well, which is great - this kind of take on gaming matches well with so many titles. That is why you can find videos from games like Resident Evil Village, NieR Replicant, and Returnal, just to name a few. In the future, fans will be able to watch Demon Souls content, but also other big upcoming releases.

If you like your gaming content with a healthy dose of humor, then Just Chance is the place for you. Follow it on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, but first, make sure you subscribe to the Just Chance YouTube channel right this very instance!