Awesome Gaming Video: Escaping the ghost is now an artform - Phasmophobia Exposition by NeenoPeeno


Creating gaming comedy and skits is usually exceedingly hard, but when you watch a few videos from Neeno, you might think that it is the easiest thing in the world. This gamer and content creator is the driving force behind the NeenoPeeno YouTube channel and someone who is clearly a natural at this. Neeno, along with his caulk, approaches videos completely naturally and without any hesitation, making his content a very organic blend of jokes and gaming. You can see this from the very first moment you check out any of his videos - immediately, his brand of humor grows on you and you'll begin to chuckle, looking to get more. To see what I mean, check out his video on Phasmophobia, a game that is otherwise anything but funny right here:
What is just as impressive is the fact that Neeno is just as good at skits and comedy shorts as he is at classical gaming videos and streams. All the while, there's a very familiar and engaging element to his videos and that is his calm and welcoming demeanor. That makes his content look like something you loved to watch for years, even if you're just discovering him.

At the same time, Neeno is a serious gamer who enjoys loads of different games. He plays a lot of Phasmophobia, but is open to little-known indie releases like Silence Channel or competitive multiplayer FPS games. He's very much at ease at any of these, so I'm sure that he's going to keep checking out other games as well. Finally, the quality of Neeno's content is undeniable in sheer numbers. Right now, his channel on YouTube has over 17,000 subs and the most popular video is closing in on 800k views. That speaks volumes about the things that this talented content creator makes.

If you'd like to know more about him, check out his Twitch stream, Twitter, TikTok, or Discord server. Of course, before any of that, subscribe to his NeenoPeeno YouTube channel right now and get booped (or pooped) by his caulk!