Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D - Amazing New Android Racing Title!

Fans of racing games, especially mobile titles, know that you can never have too many excellent releases to choose from. Recently, another great game stepped into the mobile racing domain and it is called Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D. This title is all about power and torque when it comes to the vehicles it offers, but also the wider space in which the game takes place.

The game is the first release from the SpaceAntariksa development team. At its core, it is a racing title that combines many elements of the stunt genre. In the game, players take control of monster four-wheel trucks and ATVs which they must navigate across difficult terrain with numerous obstacles. As they do this, they can also do incredible stunts, including riding through fire rings, solving puzzle tracks, doing muscle car jumps, and so much more. Because of this, Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D will be a pure joy to play for any fans of stunt driving games.

All the while, the players are also tasked with rescuing paw pups and collecting bones for them. This element is not only cute but also provides a great additional gameplay factor that makes the title even more fun.

When it comes to features, Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D has an impressive selection. In the game, players will find a very intuitive UI (players have access to pedals for acceleration and breaking, for example) and game controls, as well as very streamlined gameplay. They will be offered a big selection of vehicles, all of them excellently designed in 3D. In the gameplay itself, the ability to upgrade a vehicle's engine, tires, exhaust, and body paint are all available. With plenty of levels of discovery, the game can provide hours of fun for all racing game fans.

Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D is a well-crafted and clearly designed release for Android mobile devices. It will amaze all racing games out there and best of all, it is completely free to play. If you're into racing titles, download Monster Patrol Stunt Racing 3D right now and enjoy it wherever you are!