Mirror Earth - Upcoming Alternative Reality Online Multiplayer Video Game

The planet Earth is in peril and there's no doubt about it. The issues like global climate change, coinciding with social unrest and political tensions are all threatening the reality we live in today. Now, an upcoming video game takes all of those elements but builds upon them a whole new place. From it, the same game sets out to explore a world that is basically that of our own, but also a completely different place. This game is called Mirror Earth and it represents an alternative reality that takes place in an online multiplayer title. Its tagline state only a cryptic message:

Mirror Earth - a world just like ours - only different...

But, that is not all Mirror Earth offers. Instead, the game builds an intricate backstory. On its official YouTube channel you can already find Chapter 1 that deals with the very real issues of the present time. These cover environmental problems that could trigger a domino effect for the entire human civilization. Watch the whole video right here:

From here, Mirror Earth builds a world where things could be very different. In the game, players will find features like building their dream home, meeting friends, the possibility of buying and selling commodities, and a chance to engage in adventures, all in this new world with endless possibilities. The game will include its in-game currency and an ability to move it into real-world money, so any investment in the game will also act as a real investment as well. In many ways, the game takes inspiration from titles like Second Life or Entropia Universe, but with a much stronger backstory and main narrative. Besides, the storyline will take place hundreds of years in the future on that alternative plain of reality.

Also, the game has a defined roadmap. Chapter 1 includes the reveal of some of the backstory, which already took place at the start of August. Chapter 2 will reveal the second part of the backstory and the events that took place before the core narrative of the Mirror Earth Universe - players can expect this on 01/10/2021. Then, Chapter 3 will reveal the last part of the backstory, the main plotline of the Mirror Earth Universe and crucially, the possibility for the players to join the game on 01/12/2021 (or shortly after that Chapter 3 reveal).

All of this is very exciting, especially for those players who revel in alternative realities and complex games that draw you into their world. If you’re one of them, join the Mirror Earth community on its official Facebook page and be among the first to join this very unique game.