Join Medieval Farms Retro Farming Sim Beta and Win a Great Prize!

Many fans of mobile simulation games already know about Medieval Farms Retro Farming Sim. The game, which has over 110 reviews on Google Play and a score of 4.2 has been building up its audience for good reason. It offers crisp graphics and a gorgeous medieval environment where players are tasked with managing a farm, with all of the nuisances that this process brings. The elements that the game offers include the management of livestock, crops, vineyards, orchard, and so much more.

But, Medieval Farms Retro Farming Sim is about to get even better! The development team behind the game, GuiGhost Games has prepared a major update, labeled v2.0. It will bring numerous new elements to the game, which will trill new and old players alike. These include new zones, new heirloom collectibles, new lore stories, watering of the crops, hidden map fragments, bonus loot level, and even an improved performance for older mobile devices. However, the team wants to streamline the update as much as possible. Because of this, they are looking for beta testers.
Here is where things get even more interesting! Through this official competition, beta testers get a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card simply by playing. All they have to do is join the Open Beta, get the game on their mobile device and they will have a chance to win this gift card. However, the call for testers is limited, so players should hurry and get their spot.

There is no doubt that Medieval Farms Retro Farming Sim is a great mobile simulation. With the new update and the meticulous approach the developers are taking, especially in listening to their community of players, it can only get better. Join its Open Beta, help developers make the game even more engaging, and get a chance to win a really cool gift card, all at the same time!