Awesome Gaming YouTube Channel: Dr_Feelz_Good_

Taking off to college is an exciting time for anyone. However, in the case of Dr_Feelz_Good_ YouTube channel, all fans of gaming can witness the same process for a group of friends from a small town. Now, with a new chapter in their lives taking off, they decided to create a channel and follow their gaming adventures. Check them out in action as they play some intense and intensely entertaining matches in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and a new game mode it offers:

As you can see, jokes keep coming as this bunch of buddies take on other teams and try their best to stay alive. Through a lot of screaming and goofing around, they showcase not just some awesome gaming moments, but also the fact that they seem like true friends. The same group is also presenting how any group of friends can stay in touch through gaming, which is very important as those years in college keep coming.

Besides YouTube, you can find Dr_Feelz_Good_ on TikTok and on Twitch, where they offer the same signature style. Besides Rainbow Six, they also play The Forest, Dead By Daylight, do VR Chats and so much more. Right now, their presence is only starting to get its footing, so follow them on these platforms, and don't forget to subscribe to Dr_Feelz_Good_ YouTube channel right now!