Clunky Hero - A Must-Wishlist Platformer Metroidvania coming to Steam

Often, in video games, heroes and the main protagonists are armed and equipped with incredible items of magical, technological, and many other impressive properties. At other times, like in the case of Clunky Hero, they are armed with a broom and a bucket. While this might not sound that impressive, this game that is soon coming to Steam is more than appealing in a number of ways. That especially goes for all the fans of platformer, Metroid games, but also all those who appreciate stunning, hand-drawn graphics.

The plot of the game includes an ordinary peasant by the name of Rufus, living an ordinary life. However, this life is turned upside down when the Evil Ones appear, take his wife and threaten the entire world. Rufus, with no other option, places a bucket on his head as a helmet and takes up arms, here in the form of a broom. With nothing more, he sets out on a stunning adventure.

Created by Nicola Piovesan and the Chaosmonger Studio, this title is first and foremost incredibly ambitious in terms of its gaming mechanics. At its core, it is a 2.5D platformer, but one that comes with elements of discovery, trading, dialogues with numerous characters with side quests, and many additional things we rarely see in regular platformers. Along with that, it takes place in a Metroidvania ecosystem of open-world exploration, which makes it even more exciting.

In the game, combat, in particular, seems engaging, as it combines a range of weapons, besides the broom, but also unlockable abilities like an armpit shot. All of these will be needed in the very challenging boss fights that are also one of the bigger elements in the game.

The entire visual style of Clunky Hero is beyond stunning. The characters are lovingly created and very detailed, while the setting showcases seven different areas to explore and enjoy. Lastly, it is the distinct sense of humor that blends all of these together in a wonderful final product.

Clunky Hero is presently in the final production stages and should appear on Steam Early Access in October 2021. Until then, wishlist the same game on Steam right now and help spread the word about it. Clearly, it is something that all platformer fans and Metroidvania games will enjoy immensely once it comes out!