Awesome Gaming Video: Farkas took a tumble by Klognar

Video games are an amazing combination of entertainment and art that can sometimes provide deeply moving experiences for their players. At the same time, video games are also sometimes products that are loaded with hilarious moments. Too often, those moments are not something that the developers intended to create, but something that simply ended up in the game either as a bug, glitch or as a random and absurd element of weirdness. Klognar is a gamer and content creator who is presently working hard on finding and sharing these moments with the world.

The Klognar YouTube channel came about only weeks ago, but it already has a load of gems from the content creator's favorite series, The Elder Scrolls. To check out one of these, check out this short video from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.

As you see, the glitch found here in an otherwise incredibly somber and serious moment (the initiation) is pure comedy gold. The moment that the character takes a tumble is so odd that it even has a deadpan humor element to it, as if the rest of the warriors are doing their best to ignore what just occurred.

There are already over a dozen such videos, showing why Markarth is safe even after a random stabbing takes place and why a character that is actually eating in front of the player believes that he "gots nothing to eat". All of that makes Klognar something all fans of the Elder Scroll series simply have to check out. This growing collection of videos is both a celebration and a homage to this incredible gaming series, but also a source of many hilarious moments, all packed in very short and effective videos.

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