Awesome Gaming Content Creator: Mango Belly

Kicking off your own gaming content creator adventure is not easy in this day and age. The competition and the sheer number of channels, streams, and accounts make the same a pretty daunting venture. However, there are those rare few new creators that immediately capture your attention, even though they just created their online presence. Mango Belly is one such creator without any doubt. The key element to the same content is in this case an awesome sense of humor. For example, on the mango belly YouTube About page, the description simply states:

"sometimes is good sometimes is sh*t!!"

This is both honest and funny, but from what I've seen so far, the videos and streams will definitely skew more towards the first alternative. To see what I mean in action, check out this video of Mango Belly playing Rust right here:

As you can tell, especially from the incessant gambling of scrap and the doomed strategy behind it, this gamer is all about having a good time in a title and sharing it with others. It is also clear that he likes to play with friends, which is also a good recipe for hilarious action. Throughout all of it, a strong sense of humor is ever-present. Montage and the addition of viral clips, captions, and sound effects only build up that feeling.

Besides YouTube, Mango Belly has a steady presence on Twitch, but also TikTok, where the playing field is much broader for humor-oriented gaming content creators. On all of these, as well as YouTube, it is well worth your time to check out this gamer, but also join his Discord server and get in touch directly. I'm sure that we're yet to see the best from Mango Belly!