A Gamer’s Story - Up-and-Coming Podcast on the Incredible World behind the Video Gaming Industry

The business of creating games, as well as the pastime enjoyed by billions of individuals around the world are both growing. Each year, this combined playing field becomes larger, with more companies and businesses in this domain, but also with more gamers joining the fold of this thrilling activity. Yet, because of that growth and evolution, the same collective space is often hard to gauge and properly understand.

This is where Noah Gicas and his podcast A Gamer’s Story step in. Noah is a teenager, but one that is fascinated by the world of video games. Unlike many of his peers, that fascination goes behind the games and takes a look at processes and people who make video games into a playable reality. Because of this, the podcast features guests from the gaming world, including game and narrative designers, professional gaming content creators, and many more interesting figures. Together, they cover topics as diverse as speed runs and game development tools.

As he explores these fascinating topics, Noah is clearly focused on making his podcast into the best possible product he can. That includes a high level of production quality, but also a perceivable depth of understanding that Noah possesses about the industry and its figures. That is beyond impressive for someone that young, so I'm certain that A Gamer’s Story is only bound to get better and better.

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