Modern Warfare Montage (Decals) | Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay by RipeWalker

If creating good gaming montage videos is an artform, the RipeWalker YouTube channel is a place where you can find some incredible masterpieces. The artist behind them is this content creator and avid gamer who clearly has an impeccable sense for not just editing, but also the ability to find engaging in-game moments. To see the same artist in action, check out this montage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right here:

RipeWalker uses numerous elements in the video, including things like 3D texts, VFXs, speed manipulation, and a lot of other additions that give the montage a great flavor. At the same time, the video includes perfectly chosen soundtracks that further push the lit level of the montage.

While the RipeWalker channel is relatively new, it already features many excellent clips like this one. These include not just CoD videos, but PUBG Mobile montages and The Walking Dead funny moments compilation as well. I'm sure additional content is yet to come in terms of new games and new videos.

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