Gladiator's Glory: Salvation - Upcoming Indie Action Game


The entire idea of a gladiator is today as fascinating as it ever was. Just imagining being a desperate warrior who has to fight for the entertainment of others or die as a slave is both grim and darkly engaging. That is why it inspired so many artists during the centuries. Now, there is a new game called Gladiator's Glory: Salvation which seeks to capture the same thrilling and terrible feeling of having to fight for your life in the gladiator arena.

The game places the player in the shoes of a warrior who was imprisoned by his enemies. After years in the dungeon, you get a chance to take up arms against others like yourself and fight for your freedom. However, the road to liberation lies in the bloody sands of the arena.

In terms of its gameplay mechanics, Gladiator's Glory: Salvation is a single-player experience, more precisely a third-person sword-fighting title. Its gameplay video shows just how diverse the combat in the game is, and how well it uses three different types of attack (light, heavy, and thrust).

Besides the intricate combat, the game also includes a system of upgrades. These will allow the player to improve their items and get better weapons and armor - even though this comes with a risk of damage or destruction to the same items. All the while, the players also upgrade their character, level up, and become more powerful through things like Stamina or Critical Damage.

It is clear that Gladiator's Glory: Salvation is a result of a lot of passion and commitment to fighting games. It should come out on Steam on August 13, 2021, so check out its official page and wishlist it right now!