Awesome Gaming Video: Who I smoke Fortnite montage #1xRC by Rextagger Gaming

The quality of any gaming content creator is usually something we can figure out really quickly. In fact, it takes a very short time to get a sense if a person has the right stuff to make engaging content or not. In the case of Rextagger Gaming, you can see the same level of quality in precisely 30 seconds when it comes to his latest Fortnite montage. To see what I mean, check out the entire video right here in its entirety:

The first seconds of the video showcase a really smart edit of moments from Fortnite that perfectly coincide with the lyrics of the intro - the dropship in the sky, the passage of time, and much more. Then, suddenly, the main song kicks in and the video turns into a very entertaining mixture of action and general Fortnite goofiness, all packed into a single excellent piece of video content.

The man behind it all is Travis. He's a 26-year-old from Toronto, Canada who is an avid Fortnite gamer (on PC). Besides this title, he also plays Fall Guys, Knockout City, Fallen Legion Revenants, and I'm sure many other titles in the coming future.  Best of all, throughout all of that gaming, he remains a very chill and friendly guy, working to create a gaming community for more mature gamers, which is in many ways the most important thing.

If you'd like to know more about this talented gamer and content creator, follow him on Twitter and check out his Streamlabs donation page. But, before that, follow him on Twitch and subscribe to his Rextagger Gaming YouTube channel as soon as you can!