Awesome Gaming Video: GOODBYE WARTHOG! – Halo Epic Fails & Epic Plays #32 by Kaptain Karizzma

True passion for gaming can take many forms. However, one of the most appealing ones is a lifelong affection for a particular gaming series. This is precisely what viewers and gaming fans can find with Kaptain Karizzma. This YouTuber has been a dedicated fan of the Halo gaming series for many years. Based in East Asia, he has loved Halo titles his entire life, even though this franchise was never very popular in his region.

Now, with the incoming Halo Infinite, he decided to share his passion for the same releases on his YouTube channel. So, in the past 10 months, he was diligently making videos from a range of Halo games. To see him in action, check out his latest video and watch him take on the powerful M12 Warthog, an iconic United Nations Space Command Armed Forces vehicle:

As you can see, the video comes with some very dynamic combat sequences, but also natural ease to all of them as well. This is a very precious ability that Kaptain Karizzma has and it makes his videos so appealing. Also, his interest in all things Halo-related, covering storyline immersion in single-player campaigns and hectic action in multiplayer shines through just as strongly. All of that showcases that this gamer is completely one with the Halo universe and its releases.

Having the level of passion for gaming that Kaptain Karizzma is a truly precious thing. If you're a bird of the same feather, find more about him on his channel's Facebook Fan page, Twitter, but also his personal Instagram. Finally, don't forget to immediately check out the  Kaptain Karizzma YouTube channel and subscribe there as well!