Awesome Gaming Video: Beware of the choke slamming zombie! (World War Z) by EvilSlothX

Sometimes, you need just one good snippet from a gaming video to understand that the content creator behind it has the right chops for it. In the case of the EvilSlothX YouTube channel and its latest World War Z video, that line is this:

"Look at all that difficulty we could have gotten from this content!"

Now, if you're into gaming, you can likely appreciate the level of humor in this dead-pan statement. But, there is even more wholesome and hilarious content where that came from. Check out the entire video right here:
In terms of games you can find on EvilSlothX, apart from World War Z, current videos include Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Rogue Company, Rocket League, and Apex Legends. All of these are excellent AAA titles and I'm sure many other such games will follow soon.

Clearly, EvilSlothX YouTube channel is a new and also incredibly promising place for anyone who is into variety gaming content. That's why the channel is nearly at 1k subs, which is no small feat. Subscribe to the same content creator right now and watch many awesome new videos hit EvilSlothX in the coming weeks and months!