Smart Fire - Excellent Space Arcade for Android and PC

The arcade genre is not an easy domain to find success for any kind of game. This is especially true for indie titles. However, this is precisely what Smart Fire from PeyGame Studio managed to do. Thanks to the simplicity of gameplay, excellent visual design, high-quality assets, and a lot of addictive charm, it managed to mold itself into a highly engaging title. Best of all, it is available for both PC and Android!

In the game, the players take control of a small spaceship that has to traverse strange enclosed landscapes. There, it can fire on incoming objects, but more importantly, it has to avoid potentially deadly obstacles. Once it makes contact with one of those, the players experience instant death and need to be all over.

The first thing that immediately pops out about this title is how streamlined are its commands. With only two commands - roll the ship to the right or to the left - the game still provides an intense gameplay experience. Not only that, but it also offers a visual environment that is beyond gorgeous. The model of the player’s ship could easily belong to a huge AAA game, while the levels themselves are colorful and thrilling to watch, let alone fly through. The game offers 25 levels in five separate stages, which provides more than an ample amount of fun to be had.

With this blend of numerous benefits and overall amazing quality of production, there is no doubt that Smart Fire is a future arcade indie hit. To try it out for yourself, check out its page for the PC version or visit its Google Play for the Android version right now!