Nintendo's Game Builder Garage promises to Change how People can Start Making Switch Games

Making games often seems like one of the most fun things you can do in the world. At the same time, many individuals, both young and old, are dreaming about their chance to do the same. However, the process of game development is both length and often incredibly hard to master. Even platforms like Unreal Engine, which has a huge number of UE4 beginner tutorials, takes months and months of effort to master in any of its numerous aspects.

Now, Nintendo is promising to change all of that with its Game Builder Garage! This Nintendo Switch app will appear on the market on June 11, 2021 and it will provide its user with a chance to employ visual, logic-based programming to create their own video games. The same application also offers the basic concept of game design, all packed in step-by-step lessons that will come with the app.

If successful, Game Builder Garage could be the ideal entry point into game dev and programming, especially for kids. It's also interesting to watch how the marketplace of these small DIY games starts growing on Switch and whether or not Nintendo will somehow support that scene. For now, many would-be developers are simply waiting for June and the moment the app becomes available for 29.99 on the official Nintendo page.