Awesome Twitch (and Instagram) Content Creator: Mr DavLad

If you come across the description of Mr DavLad gaming content, you'll likely first find this simple statement:

I try to shoot people in games...

Clear enough, but it does little justice to the excellent videos and streams Mr DavLad creates. To get a small taste of the same content, check out this Instagram video of a very thrilling part in a Fortnight match:

One of the key things behind Mr DavLad is the fact that he's first and foremost very fun to watch, but also someone who seems like an incredibly positive person. This is a rarity in the modern streaming community, especially those who play competitive titles. Besides, Mr DavLad also enjoys playing with another Twitch content creator called Chlo_Lad - interestingly enough, she is his partner in both games and life!

When it comes to the games Mr DavLad plays, these include a lot of Fortnite, but also Fall Guys and Sea of Thieves. I'm certain that the list will expand, especially when it comes to titles that include some form of competitive or co-op play.

If this sounds like something you could get into, find Mr DavLad on his Twitter, Facebook, and Discord server. Before you do, however, follow him on both Twitch and Instagram profiles right now!