Awesome Gaming YouTube Channel: Honey BB

A sense of humor is a great thing to have in almost any aspect of life. However, for variety gaming content creators, it's often a must - luckily for the owner of Honey BB YouTube channel, she has it by the truckloads! To get a small taste of her joke skills, just check out her Twitter bio:

Aussie|Youtuber|Streamer|Artist|Probably high rn

Here, Honey BB showcases in just a few words her approach to both sharing information and cracking a subtle (kind of a) joke in it as well. Her content works in the same manner. This video of her playthrough of Among Us showcases the same approach perfectly, along with the sound effect of lighting up a bong and furious raging:

In less than a minute, you can see why Honey BB is already over 700 subs, even though her channel is less than one year old. Also, the honest and extremely entertaining style she has might not be for everyone, but many others will surely love it. Besides Among Us, she plays Minecraft, Pokemon games, Phasmophobia, Sims 4, and other titles as well. I'm sure that she plans on expanding that list as well.

Along with YouTube, you can also find her on Twitter, Twitch, and her Discord server. But, YouTube is where it's presently at, especially because she's holding a huge giveaway once she reaches 1K subscribers. So, head on to the Honey BB YouTube channel and subscribe now - you'll love being a part of the Fried Egg family!