Awesome Gaming Content Creator - FEDAMASTER ♞

Blending a lifelong passion with gaming is one of the well-known recipes for success for any video content creator. In the case of Deniz Arman, the man behind the FEDAMASTER ♞ YouTube and Twitch stream, that passion is nothing short of one of the oldest games in the history of the world: chess. Through this blend of incredible knowledge about chess and a desire to both entertain and educate his viewers, Deniz managed to create something very unique and incredibly appealing, even if you're not a huge fan of chess (or very proficient in this ancient game). To see how Deniz creates his content, check out his recent video where he showcases Puzzle Racer from right here:

As you can see, Deniz is first of all an incredible chess expert. That makes sense, being that he's a professional player and also a chess coach. Both elements are clearly visible in his videos and streams. That includes a very wide range of different chess content he provides, from things like tips for chess to individual match analysis and novel chess games like the previously mentioned Puzzle racer. He also plays with his viewers and subscribers some blitz games and even showcases his victories over chess grandmasters.

However, besides versatile videos, he's also really good at sharing his passion and his professional chess-playing insight with his viewers. The same is the main reason why there is a growing community around his content. Deniz also offers online chess lessons, which should be an incredible opportunity for anyone anywhere in the world who wants to become a better player.

Currently, you can find more about Deniz on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but also join his Discord community as well. Before you do that, subscribe to the FEDAMASTER ♞ YouTube channel and follow his FEDAMASTER ♞ Twitch stream to get immersed in the wonderful world of chess!