Awesome Gaming Content Creator - GTA 5 RP Cops Fail & Funny Moments ep.3 (May The 4th Be With You) by iGo FTW


Saying that a YouTube channel is a powerhouse of gaming content is a phrase that often gets thrown around. However, in the case of the iGo FTW YouTube channel, the same thing is very much true. The name stands for I Go For the Win and on its homepage, viewers are immediately greeted by a video called Keep Failing And You Will Succeed (Gamer Motivation).

It perfectly describes the drive and the will of all those who make it in gaming, no matter what they might be pursuing. It also shows why the iGo FTW channel is just starting out its popularity and why it will surely grow over the coming weeks and months. To get a sense of its content, check out this video from GTA V that showcases a selection of hilarious moments with in-game police officers and their numerous failures.

As anyone can tell, the clip is an assortment of amazing and incredibly funny moments, all of which are stitched together perfectly. But, this GTA V video compilation is just the tip of the iceberg that is iGo FTW content. Besides it, the channel has compilations from games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite, but it is clear that others will follow as well. These come with some amazing moments, like in-stream donations of $1000.

In all of this, the montages are perfectly executed every time. They are featuring great soundtracks and an impressive eye for finding and adding exciting moments from these games.

Naturally, a channel that is as serious as this one has a very diverse social media presence. That is why you can find iGo FTW on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and its page. However, for all true fans of excellent gaming montages, the first address that should be visited is the iGo FTW YouTube channel where they should subscribe to right now!