Artists Of Fortune: Distant Worlds - Engaging and Relaxing Puzzle Game

In the process of game development, it's not easy to strike that fine balance between giving players a sense of challenge, but also creating a space that will allow them to relax and enjoy the simple act of playing. Yet, that is precisely what Artists Of Fortune: Distant Worlds managed to do! This Steam free-to-play release succeeded in becoming very engaging, but also a wholesome experience that is most similar to the coloring books all of us had when we were kids.

It is also very interesting to note that the game comes with a great storyline. In it, a team of space-faring artists embarks on an adventure after they are invited to a special event. The same event is nothing short of the Intergalactic Painting Tournament! Once there, they need to create incredible paintings of alien landscapes, robots, wonderful creatures, and many more colorful and imaginative things.

The main gameplay mechanic is very simple - it includes using the appropriate color on a marked part of the canvas. The same canvas is divided into pixel-like blocks, while the different color painting instruments are located at the bottom of the screen, along with their individual numbers. There are also boosts and power-ups that fill with energy as the players advance through the image and then provide the opportunity to finish a bigger part of the painting instantly.

There is no need to underline just how universally appealing this game is. No matter if the players are kids or adults, it is only important that they enjoy the act of being creative and this title will capture their imagination instantly. If you’re one of them, find Artists Of Fortune: Distant Worlds on Steam, download it for free, and begin your intergalactic pixel art adventure right now!