Awesome Gaming YouTube Channel - ShinobiFred - Your New Favorite Horror Gaming HQ!

Being a successful horror gaming content creator is not an easy endeavor. However, for those who do pull it off, the same process comes naturally, which is precisely the case with ShinobiFred YouTube channel. This channel is run by a self-professed certified gamer/goof and he is exceedingly skilled when it comes not only to horror-themed games but also making very entertaining content. To check out his style and approach to making videos, check out a selection of them. First, he's him playing Dark Deception:

Then, you can watch him take on Resident Evil 3:

Finally, he's him exploring the sequel to a now-legendary horror game, Little Nightmares II, which only came out this year:
As you can see, ShinobiFred has what it takes to make excellent videos, which includes Let's Play, walkthroughs, and many other variations. Also, he is able to tackle non-horror games with equal success. The key reason for this is the fact that he is insanely entertaining and fun to watch. At the same time, this approach is not hampering his ability to showcase the games he's enjoying.

Lastly, there's also a strong sense that ShinobiFred is a very friendly and open individual. In an age where so many content creators take on some kind of an aggressive alter-ego, having someone being themselves is incredibly refreshing. This is also a great basis for building a community around a channel, which is in the case of ShinobiFred already close to 2,000 subs, even though it has been around for less than a year.

If you're into horror gaming and great gaming content in general, follow this cool creator on Twitter to stay up-to-date with his videos. But, before you do that, head out to ShinobiFred YouTube channel and help him reach 2k subs right now!