Age of Empires IV Shares First Gameplay Trailer

In the domain of the ever-popular real-time strategies, Age of Empires is a legendary series by any means. The first groundbreaking title in this franchise came out in 1997. Today, nearly 25 years later, it still captivates the imagination of those who dream of taking their ancient civilization and taking it to the spot of the supreme ruler of all known lands. Because of that, millions of gamers around the world will jump on the opportunity to check out the latest Age of Empires IV Gameplay Trailer. Check out how the game will look in action right here:

The trailer brings too much to chew over in only five or so minutes. It showcases several civilizations in different stages of development. There, it also presents both economic development and warfare. The second element is at first limited, but it slowly grows to a point of the Medieval castle sieges accompanied by things like rudimental cannons and mighty trebuchets raining down projectiles on thick stone walls. All the while, numerous units are shown as well. The audio design and the callbacks from the units themselves are all there as well, showing a nice following of the Age of Empires tradition. The musical score is on a similar level of high quality and nostalgic overtures.

The action depicted here is more than promising not just in terms of game mechanics, but also the visual style. The graphics of the game, especially Age of Empires IV terrain and building design, seem amazing. So, as long as the gameplay is not a complete letdown, the game will surely become a massive hit. As it presently stands, the game will hit Windows 10 PC platform through Steam and the Microsoft Store in the fall of 2021.