White Ninja: B Ninja Jump Run Battle Adventure - Impressive New Mobile Arcade!


There's a new and exciting addition to the mobile gaming market and it will surely thrill anyone who loves 2D arcade platformers. That title is White Ninja: B Ninja Jump Run Battle Adventure from YahyazLab and it offers a rich and deep gaming experience. This game is available for both iOS and Android devices, so all mobile gamers will be able to easily get and do so for free! In the title, the players take control of a White Ninja, a powerful stealth warrior who has a huge and dangerous adventure in front of him.
In its essence, the game is an endless runner, but which is very smartly crafted with a classic 2D arcade platformer. This means that the players will come across not just complex levels with numerous obstacles and challenges, but also a huge number of enemies. To take them on, the White Ninja has a custom melee sword attack, long-range attack with his throwing stars and even a dash function at his disposal. This boils down to a very well-developed combat system that is also more than engaging in the game itself.

The same applies to the visual design of the game. White Ninja: B Ninja Jump Run Battle Adventure comes with a great comic book style, where character design in particular shines through. That covers excellently drawn and animated things like bomb-carrying sheep, goblin archers, giant grinning bears, and so many other cool enemies. At the same time, the design of the levels themselves is both visually appealing and full of versatile elements, from exploding barrels to moving, player-triggered platforms.

This game shows just how huge the potential of casual mobile games is when selected genres are blended in the right manner, like endless runner and platformer arcade in this case. If you love dynamic and complex arcade gaming, you will love this game for sure, so download it for free (and play it offline) on Google Play and the App Store right now!