ParrotCash - New & Exciting Digital Token for Global Gaming Community

With the BTC token reaching nearly $60,000 and many other digital currencies breaking records recently, chances are that everyone is by now aware of the incredible potential of cryptocurrencies. ParrotCash is a brand new initiative that is taking that concept even further when it comes to the global gaming community. Before diving into the basic concept, check out this quick explainer video from the team making ParrotCash directly:

As you can see, ParrotCash is a network that uses the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and the Bitcoin Cash system to create a new means of doing a whole range of incredible things. Users of the same ParrotCash network will be able to raise finance, earn and spend tokens, receive tips, get airdrops, be involved in online games, gaming competitions and so much more. The same goes for a range of earning ventures that include affiliate marketing and similar activities.

Once active, the network will have a maximum supply of 500 million tokens, all of which will be used in a user-friendly, transparent, and exceedingly effective manner. Not only that, but the development team is driven to create a system that is fully supportive of its user community. That means that even more options and possibilities will become available over time.

Clearly, the ParrotCash project has so much to offer to the world, but especially numerous gamers who would get a range of advantages from crypto tokens like this one. Presently, the team is looking for funding for its Flipstarter campaign. The funds that will be gathered there will be employed to both start-up and then support the ParrotCash network.

If you're interested in finding out more about this exciting project, check out its official website. Also, support the BCH campaign on Flipstarter, read more about the project here, and follow it on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram! There is no doubt that the world needs a network like ParrotCash, so let’s all help it see the light of (crypto) day!