Hunting Zombie - Exciting Shotgun & Undead Android Platformer

There's a long history of fiction, covering things like movies, TV shows, and comics where simple, goodhearted farmers suddenly come under the onslaught of evil undead creatures. The hunting zombie mobile game is a platformer that builds directly on this proud tradition. It puts you in the work boost of a denim-overalls-and-baseball-cap-wearing farmer who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately for the zombies, this farmer is also a seasoned American hunter. He and his faithful gun are ready to take on not just the zombies, but also the zombie king and the evil organization behind its summoning.

This is the setup of hunting zombies, a game by Herchenrader Web. It provides a great backdrop for a very exciting platformer game. In the title, you take your hunter and start to clear out zombies in very fun and detailedly designed levels. There, with the help of well-timed gun rounds and precise jumps, players can slowly turn back the tide on the entire zombie apocalypse.

Apart from very fun gameplay, this title also includes a great soundtrack. It offers the ideal throwback to the horror musical themes of the 1980s classic movies like the Evil Dead series. That, coupled with great casual graphics and especially the excellent character design of both the hunter and its zombie foes, makes the game a true audio-visual pleasure.

If you're into mobile platformers, you have to check out this game. Best of all, you can download it for free on Google Play and start blasting the undead in hunting zombie right this very moment!