Help the Plumber - Exciting New Mobile Puzzle with a Dash of Classic Gaming

More than three decades since the Pipe Mania game came out in 1989, the gameplay mechanic of laying pipes is still a cherished puzzle activity. Today, the RV SOFTCODE development team took the same basic concept and reimagined it as an exciting new mobile puzzle app called Help the Plumber! In the game, players are tasked with supplying an uninterrupted line of pipes from the source to a water container. Once the water gets flowing, the pipes must hold the proper form for the players to pass onto the next level.

Simple yet brilliant, Help the Plumber is a perfect example that great gaming classics never go out of fashion. Instead, the gaming experience of setting up a pipe network remains as exciting and dynamic as it ever was. Also, this mobile app comes with a range of benefits that make its entire gaming process even more engaging.

First of all, the game features really nice graphics, made out of detailed assets and features smooth and crisp animations. The same goes for a clear UI and a process of learning the game that takes only minutes. Also, the app provides a stunning selection of over 300 levels and growing difficulties that will become a challenge for even the sharpest players. In fact, it is that very gradually rising difficulty that makes the game an ideal solution for a few moments of free time all of us have in our everyday lives.

With this blend of classic gaming hits, great mobile redesign, and an incredibly frictionless experience, it is clear that RV SOFTCODE team has a hit on its hands. If you'd like to try Help the Plumber mobile puzzle game for free, check it out on Google Play right now and enjoy some amazing casual gaming moments.