Awesome Twitch Streamer: Donawey

In the age where many content creators try to have some kind of spectacular angle when they start their channels, it is refreshing to see those who simply want to be themselves. Donawey is a Twitch channel of a Lithuanian gamer and content creator who recently began streaming with the aim of playing games he loves and trying to bring people together through that process. This simple and down-to-earth approach is more than appealing, while its end results are also very engaging. Check out a clip of Donawey where he plays Hunt: Showdown and manages to use precisely three bullets to end up with the same number of kills.

The short clip underlines another of his desires, which is to do his best in whatever game he plays. As a variety gamer, he's interested in a range of genres and titles. That includes the early access of Ziggurat 2, but also Spark in the Dark, Diablo, Dark Souls, The Evil Within, and Darkest Dungeon, just to name a few. In terms of genres, he's into roguelike, RPGs, horror games, and dungeon crawlers. It goes without saying that he is also a lifelong gamer.

As for his style of content creation, Donawey stream has a strong spooky and horror vibe. This is best presented in the incredible artwork on his About page, featuring classic horror movie characters and great intro animation. Yet, he is also very friendly and polite, driven to entertain through quality content and not rudeness, foul langauge, or any of that cheap stuff many streamers (sadly) tend to use. That is why he has managed already to build an impressive community on his stream.

If you find these genres and types of gaming content interesting, follow him on his Twitter account and his YouTube channel. Before you do, however, head over to Donawey Twitch stream and give him a follow there first and foremost!