Awesome Twitch Stream: vsz420


There are many ways to get noticed in the video game streaming community. However, it is rare to see gamers who take on a more innovative approach - you can see one of them on the vsz420 Twitch stream. This stream is run by Austin, a gamer from California who is all about playing Call of Duty titles with a specific playstyle - quick-scope snipe! The technique is very demanding and too often, players will forgo it for some easier approach. However, when it does work, the results are a series of spectacular kills, both long and short distance types. Check out one of the latest videos that showcases Austin in some manic CoD action right here:
As you can see, despite his very frantic and entertaining playstyle, Austin is beyond cool and friendly. He is also able to take everytime someone kills him with a lot of style and grace, unlike so many raging streamers, especially those who play FPS titles. However, besides Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, he plays a range of other games as well. That include NBA 2K21, NFL 2K, and likely so much more that is yet to come to his stream.

The key element in all of that content is his desire to spread both positivity and good vibes. If you'd like to see Austin do the same on Twitch live, check him out Mondays through Saturdays, starting from 5 PM PST. He is presently sponsored by |PROCESS| which shows that companies are recognizing his appeal even now. Also, find out more about him and his content on his Twitter account. But, most importantly, check out his vsz420 Twitch stream and follow him there right now!